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    Dogtopia franchisees are required to have a minimum of $300,000 in liquid capital reserves and a minimum net worth of $1,000,000. More will be necessary for Area Developers. Proof and verification of both will be required before proceeding with the application process. Please do not request information unless you meet both of these requirements. Thank you.

Now is the perfect time to join Dogtopia, North America’s largest and fastest-growing pet franchise. The $120+ billion pet industry is hotter than ever and Dogtopia is leading the charge with our rapid growth.

On pace to open 400 locations by 2025, we are the leading, largest and fastest-growing franchise in the pet services industry. We are seeking passionate and energetic franchisees to join our family!

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Dogtopia ranked as the No. 1 pet services franchise in Entrepreneur Magazine’s 43nd Annual Franchise 500® List. Overall, the company ranked in the top 100 at No. 51 on the list, an increase of 3 spots from the 2021 ranking. Dogtopia’s impressive growth has also been noticed by Franchise Times magazine, who recently named us the “Best Pet Franchise” in its Annual Zor Awards. We were also named a Top Franchise for 2022 by Franchise Business Review (based on survey results from our franchisees), and earned Global Franchise Magazine’s Best Lifestyle Franchise award. We were also named Best Franchise To Buy Post Pandemic (MSN Money). As the nation’s leading pet franchise opportunity, Dogtopia’s business model provides multiple revenue channels for daycare, boarding and spa services wrapped around an exciting and fun lifestyle.



Dogtopia is a unique dog daycare business which opened its first location in Virginia in 2002. At that time, dog daycare was very much a new concept, and the Dogtopia approach – to create “indoor dog parks” and provide a daytime service for dog care along the lines of a children’s daycare – was extremely innovative. Since then, the idea of taking man’s best friend to doggie daycare has gained widespread popularity.

Dogtopia has a passion for caring for dogs. Happy, healthy pups are the heart of who we are. We’ve proudly created a loving environment with unparalleled safety standards and exceptional daycare, boarding, spa and grooming/training services.

When it comes to health and safety protocols, Dogtopia is the leader of the pack!

  • Our supervised playrooms are equipped with UV light and microbial reduction systems within our HVAC units to reduce airborne pathogens such as viruses and bacteria
  • We deep clean and disinfect every surface multiple times a day according to our rigorous and biologically safe Dogtopia Cleaning Program
  • We offer valet dropoff and pickup to limit the amount of people in our lobby
  • We perform Wellness Checks on each dog entering and exiting our playrooms
  • We're the only dog daycare brand with an Environmental Biologist on staff - constantly evaluating products, policies and procedures

“The ability to combine my love of dogs and love of business resonated with me, Dogtopia stands out in a crowded field”


“I started looking at franchises because I knew franchises had a much better success rate than independent businesses.”

- SUE MCCUMSEY, Baton Rouge

“Dogtopia has the best kind of support and I have access to experts, it frees you up to focus on what you want to focus on, in business or outside business.”

- STEFANI BALLARD (multi-unit franchisee), Austin

“We live in an area with lots of lawyers and professional types, I’m in shorts and a t-shirt. I’m really lucky.”

- JEFF LUTTON, Virginia

“The fact that we get to bring our dogs to work every day is a huge benefit for us. We were so impressed with the business model from a customer perspective, that we wanted to be involved in this business.”



Think about your community, the place you live and love. Now think about bringing that community high-quality pet care services with heart and soul. Nothing tops creating a source of pride for your community and simultaneously generating revenue for yourself by doing something that you love.
As the leading pet franchise, our business model provides multiple revenue channels wrapped around an exciting and fun lifestyle. Our typical services include:

  • dog daycare
  • overnight and long-term dog boarding
  • dog spa services
  • dog training or grooming (available at some locations)
  • retail

Open your own Dogtopia or better yet, bring the Dogtopia brand to an entire region and take advantage of our discounts on multi-unit purchases.



Whether you are seeking a new career path or you just want to diversify your business portfolio, Dogtopia offers you an opportunity to do something you’ll not only love, but grow into a thriving business. For many, it’s a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to break free from the daily grind of the corporate world and operate a fun, lifestyle business with huge demand in your community. We have prime opportunities available with room to grow. Dogtopia offers support to all of our franchisees by providing the following services:

  • A sophisticated brand with turnkey solutions for ramping your business
  • Guidance from an experienced support team
  • Access to our Village of Knowledge, including a wide network of franchisees
  • Leading subject matter experts
  • Dedicated primary point-of-contact
  • An extensive training program
  • Ongoing operations and touch points to help guide franchisees on a weekly, monthly and annual basis
  • Strong technology platforms
  • Extensive systems, tools and resources for franchisees to support their business


“As we grow Dogtopia across North America, there remains a lot of opportunities in many major markets – but that opportunity won’t last forever. Now is the time to join an experienced and dedicated team that surrounds you with support. At Dogtopia, you’ll be in business for yourself but not by yourself, and that is the real key to success.”


Want more information about becoming a Dogtopia franchisee? See answers to our most frequently asked questions about joining our team.When you’re ready to move forward, click on “Next Steps”.

Why choose the pet industry?

The pet industry is a $120 billion industry and poised to continue to grow rapidly. Driven by the humanization of the dog, 92% of pet owners spent the same or more on their pets during the most recent recession period, according to Forbes. The pet industry is recession-proof, boasts good margins and is an exploding market. It’s predicted to surpass $277 billion by 2030.

Why choose a dog daycare?

With 90M dogs in U.S. and pet owners spending an all-time high of $120 billion on their pets annually, dog daycares are here to stay. It is a scalable business model with multiple revenue channels (daycare, boarding, training, spa, retail), with the majority of total sales coming from consistent recurring daycare revenue. A dog daycare business requires little inventory and is fun to run.

Why choose Dogtopia?

As one of the early pioneers in the dog daycare industry, we’ve had more than 20 years to refine and perfect our model. As an emerging brand, Dogtopia is experiencing impressive growth. The demand for our brand, flexibility of our model and the availability of prime territories is fueling our growth. There has never been a better time to join us and be the first to bring Dogtopia to your community. One of the prime benefits of teaming with a brand like Dogtopia is the ability to cherry pick prime markets to open your daycare center. You have the chance to own your own Dogtopia where you know people and have connections.

What is the investment?

The estimated initial investment for a dog daycare facility can range between $688,312 to $1,806,803. The initial franchise fee for multiple units is discounted by 10%.

Who is the ideal Dogtopia franchisee?

A background in management/business experience is helpful, but not required. A Dogtopia franchisee’s skill set should include sales, management of personnel, training, marketing and customer service. The ideal candidate must love dogs and LOVE the business of dogs.